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February , 2014

Of Love and Shopping

For girls, shopping is like an escape from the mad bad world. It is de-stress tablet that can set the mood right. The shopping cart is like the treasure box that we dig in almost mindlessly. The girls need no reason to shop. Even in my case it is sometime the trigger of a bad mood or at times just-like-that feel when I land up in a shopping mall. But this time it was the romantic encounters which made me plan my shopping. It is Valentine’s Day and I have nothing to wear.

Heart Talk I know, the “I have nothing to wear” is the best and most accepted excuse for all the beautiful girls to put on their shopping shoes. For me, in real I couldn’t decide on anything to wear for valentines. The shopping for this day is not ordinary. Not only have you had to dress up to impress our date, but also to match the love theme. You may not love to doll-up, but this day will need you to glam up! First time prepared a list of things I will be shopping for. That moment made me realize that it will be an eventful shopping ride. The list is crisp. I need a decent dress, opting for new heels, might try some new lingerie and will think hard for accessories. I am not carrying a bag or a clutch. It is pretty fussy for me when on a date. To this I also added a keynote saying “buy a gift”. Yes, it is Valentine’s Day and I should flatter my date with a nice gift. I don’ know why, but shopping for a gift is not that exciting. I will hop on if the gift is for me. Maybe a feminine trait or maybe I am being nasty.

I did my rounds, some research, and window shopping and budget scrutiny as well. All this landed me into a nice small designer shop. I finally found myself in a dressing room, my body nicely being hugged by this off-shoulder dress in indigo shade, my hair was open and I was smiling. Though it was below the knee tunic cut, the off- shoulders made ponder a little. It dint take much of my time to decide on this dress and to my surprise the shop could match the heels as well for me. They had all, clothes, shoes and bags. It was all under one roof shopping paradise. I was reluctant to engross myself so much into visiting shops. The dress and heels were finalized. It is the accessories that I was worried about. The off shoulder and glittering high heels need to be complimented with beautiful earrings. I was looking for big deep black stones circled with crystals. It was the hunt I dreaded. I tried almost dozens of pieces before finalizing a dark grey one. I was not having much choice. Amid all the hustle, I was able to grab a nice wallet. I was worried about the gift part a lot, but it took me no time to find something.  I focused on my shopping extravaganza. As the day ended and the evening started to relieve my worries of “nothing to wear”, I was surprised with myself. A girl like me who is always running away from glittery stuff shopped all the glamour if the market. It was like a motivation for my Valentine’s Day.

I would rather suggest this to every girl. You should make efforts to look our best. Once you have the love theme to splurge into, the date becomes more exciting. My Valentine’s Day went great. I looked nice in an indigo dress, deep shiny black heels and sparkling earrings. I actually impressed myself. It was all about creating the moment that makes us feel special. Moreover, a girl will never mind making efforts when the effort requires us to shop! Happy Valentine’s Day…

Nidhi Kapoor