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September , 2013

Diandra Soares


“I am just an impulsive person and I go by my guts”
says Diandra Soares

I am very versatile person on stage and follow what is being told to me but on the other hand, I am mysterious off stage. My character is like an onion which has many layers and with every new layer there is a lot more of me to discover. I began modeling at the age of 16; yes I have come through a long way since then. My journey so far has been very exciting. Though I have faced some of the biggest downfalls in my life but along with it also cherished many comebacks. I love to live in the present as nobody knows what’s in store for the future.

As for my personal style then I would say that it depends on the choice of the article. Basically I am a very moody person thus it depends on my mood that what I want to carry. If it’s about choice of attire then I go with a boyish look or feminine or even relaxed look sometimes. For me glamour is basically what you feel from within, it has nothing to do with the trend you follow. One can look glamorous in anything taking into consideration how one feels. Thus, my signature look varies from a sexy backless gown to an amazing jumpsuit or it could even be a saree. As to tell about my favorite designers then it’s difficult to say as I have a very keen style, Tarun Tahiliani, Malini Ramani are some of my favorite. I am basically an impulsive person and I just follow my instincts. I go by my gut and when things go otherwise, I feel little jittery. I splurge not only on a workout though it allows me to stay in posture, but also I do splurge on good food and friends. I am basic these days as compared to my 20’s.

I do not follow any limits and I am a very fearless person. I don’t regret for anything. I have tried everything and will try everything that I have thought so far. Thought of turning bald was one of my wishes and I did this to break the materialistic bond within me. It has nothing to do with the fame, though it had worked for me. All I want to say is that it is a very personal thought and I don’t think about any repercussions.

As this is a glamorous world so I would advise all aspiring talents to work hard to achieve your goals. You must understand yourself and don’t get swayed away by fame and glamour. Keep your head firm on the shoulders and don’t compare yourself to anybody.