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February , 2014

Blissful Love | Andy & Marcela

On this Valentine they share their love story, life’s journey, how important is work and family to them and what the future holds for this hard working couple. The young and beautiful pair has been associated with the fashion industry from 5 years. They grace the magazine’s Love Issue with style and romance. Adding warmth and lots of romance in the rich air of Pushkar. As they sit to share their story with us, it was not only nostalgic but inspiring as well.


When did you first meet? Was it fashion/modeling or something else? Which is the one thing that you both share?
Andy: As we both are models so we share a delicate taste of fashion. There is a unique bond between us and we both met at posh and glamors birthday pool party of a common friend. Marcela was looking very beautiful in attire and I was just lost in her grace.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What is the best gift you have given to each other?
Yes, we do and this time it is a surprise . Last year we couldn’t celebrate together as we were working both in different cities. So, I hope this year it will work out, that would be the best gift. We both love to enjoy to be in each other company and this time I am planning something bigger.

What is the philosophy of Love according to you? Did you guys experience bad phases in your Love Life.
Falling in love might be very temporary but real love grows with the time. It’s the feeling of trust and securness, but also an repeating ling everyday new happiness to be with your second half. Every love story has ups and downs and we have also seen bad phase of life but if there is understanding and bonding one can overcome through bad phases very easily. Just express your emotions from time to time.

Life becomes easy when your partner understands you and moreover your work. Express your feelings.
It is a bliss that your partner understands your profession and also gives us equal importance. We are like best buddies to each other. We both share a common interest that is modeling.Andy understands my work and gives equal importance to me and my profession. Andy supports me in every aspect of my life and I as a good partner also understand him.We talk about our daily work, shoots that we do and we sometimes manage our time to be together.

How was our experience of the shoot in Pushkar?
Pushkar is a very beautiful city and we had an amazing time in Pushkar. Everything from the Palace to shooting location was very splendid. The rooms were so romantic and on the last night we were entertained by an Indian Wedding. It’s was a fantastic experience for both us. Specially because we had a great team. The photographers Olya and Jaf are very supporting and are very good friends and are very professional. So we felt very secure to express our emotions.

What are your personal style statements?
“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” Just be yourself and follow our inner instinct.

What you both will be busy with, if not work?
We both love to travel and as soon as we get some spare time we plan to go on a trip or small excursion. Last summer Andy took me to Germany. We had an awesome time. This summer I am planning to pull him to Argentina. As our life is very hectic so we try to relax either through spa therapy or to be together on beach side.

Any designer you appreciate; or simply, any favorites?
I love Josh Guraya’s designs and also I am a big Fan of Lagerfeld . As for Marcella she has worked with Manish Arora, Rohit Bal, Rohit Ghandi & Rahul khanna. But she is a big fan of Rajdeep Ranawat.

Is there any dream project? Share with us your future endeavors.
Andy: India has proved to be lucky for me and I got my first break recently in a Bollywood movie starring Kunal Kapoor, Gulshan Grover and Saurab Shukla.
Marcela: I’ve done many ramp shows and has also worked with the best designers and with the best photographers of India. That’s already a dream became true, I am very thankful for that. I hope my dream about Vogue Cover becomes real soon .

How do you inspire each other as partners, both professionally and personally?
Andy: Yes, we work together every day. Marcela gets managed by our model agency. I appreciate her as a very professional model.
Marcela: Sometimes it’s difficult to the find the cut between professional life and personal life. We both are professional first and that is what makes us inspire.

What were your best moments on and off the camera that brought both of you emotionally close.
Andy: we travelled together to Agra. It was our first Christmas holiday in 2011.
Marcela: Sometimes it’s just a nice dinner and spending time together.


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Images : J&M STUDIO