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November , 2013

Food & Travel | Paris


For centuries food in Paris was supplied from the countryside of Paris. Nowadays the Parisians shops and markets are supplied with products from whole France and further. Besides traditional French meals offers Paris a growing number of international restaurants. In every district you will recognize the regional proud of the French. When you visit the supermarkets, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the trade marks. French specialties, like liquor and cheese, get a trade mark as sign of reliability. When you prefer biological food look for a label AB. The traditional meals of Paris are mainly based on meat. Beef, veal, lam and pork are the most eaten meats of Paris. Paris is known of it’s high quality cuisine and a diversity of meal dishes.

Typical meals of Paris
In Paris you will find plenty international meals, but also the traditional French cuisine. Campaign, pain, wine and French cheese will make your visit to Paris worthy. Bread and cheese will usually be the main basic ingredients of your Parisian meal. Everywhere in Paris you’ll be able to score a fresh, crispy pain, some cheese and a good French wine. France counts more then 300 kinds of French cheese; the best known are the Camembert, the Brie and the Roquefort. I would recommend you to buy the delicious French cheese in a authentic French fromagerie and not in the supermarket.

From refined flavors and delicate textures with bright colors, any palate falls in love with the gastronomy of Paris. This is how we can describe the cuisine of this beautiful city, which uses all types of meat and herbs.

This gastronomy of this destination is a synonym of art, and that is why its dishes are made with such care that they have no equivalent elsewhere. Its variety and culinary richness is such, that it is almost impossible to resist this exquisite tradition. The “entreé” or starters are lighter than in other destinations and usually consist of fresh salads, pates, and soups. The main dish, known as “plat principal” or “plat de résistance,” is based on meat or fish and it can be accompanied by rice, pasta, or vegetables. Among the main dishes of the city we can mention the classic “soupe à L’Oignon” or onion soup, which is prepared with butter and cheese; and the delicious omelettes stuffed with mushrooms, ham, cheese, and other ingredients. Other delicacies of the “city of light” are the popular “canard à L’orange”, simmered duck a l’orange; “Coq au Vin,” which is prepared with chicken and vegetables seasoned with fine spices and wine; “escargots,” delicious snails seasoned with garlic, butter, and parsley; and “Foie de canard,” exquisite duck pate prepared to taste. Also, “Quenelle,” pasta mixed with flour, milk, and eggs, accompanied with veal or poultry, served with béchamel or tomato sauce; the famous “Ratatouille,” a mix of vegetables including tomatoes, garlic, peppers, onions, zucchini, and eggplant fried in olive oil and seasoned with Provençal herbs such as thyme and rosemary. This dish can be served by itself, with rice, or as an accompaniment to any other main dish made with fish or meat. “Fromage” is also very common, a delicious selection of cheeses such as camembert, brie, roquefort, boursin, and vieux boulogne, served after the main course and before dessert, accompanied by a delicious glass of red wine. Finally, the dessert can be simply fruit or yoghurt.

It is common to drink coffee, armagnac, cognac, or fruit brandy as traditional Parisian digestives, although beer is also very popular. To accompany any of these dishes, it is customary to drink a nice glass of wine, whose color depends on the plate you are going to eat. You can also enjoy the famous champaign.

As dessert, “pain et confiture” is worth mentioning, which is made with baguettes or loafs of bread cut in half and spread with jam and butter, although they are more consumed for breakfast. “Petits fours,” small pastries as meringues or fritters, are also widely enjoyed.

In order to try these delicious traditional dishes we recommend the Procope restaurant, one of the oldest and most famous, very popular among artists and intellectuals such as Voltaire and Rousseau. You cannot miss Les Deux Magots, where you can enjoy delicious salads, sandwiches, and dishes based on salmon, along with a wide selection of wines.

You can’t miss this

Coq au vin
Coq au Vin Chicken
Exquisite dish made of chicken and vegetables seasoned with wine and fine spices.

Duck a l’orange
Duck a l'orange
Typical dish grilled and simmered, covered in a delicate orange sauce.

Delicious vegetable mixture seasoned and fried with olive oil and herbes.

Soupe a l’oignon
Soupe a l'oignon
Dish made of onion with butter and cheese au gratin, served with crispy slices of bread.

Fromage et vin
Exquisite selection of cheeses that can be accompanied with red wine, a tradition which is never lacking in Paris.