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July , 2014

She says NO SEX?

You know something is wrong when your woman is either having a headache or is too tired when you want sex and she is just not the same. You will also be alarmed if your sensual touches, sudden urge for a quickie or sex-out-of-bed is no more fun. What is holding her back? Why suddenly she is not excited and horny? Her hormones re cold? Her body doesn’t feel you wanting? Is there something she is hiding? An affair, a physical problem or stress? Read more to find out…..

Bad SEX?
She doesn’t like it, you are not good enough and she is a woman who wants more in bed. You are enjoying alone, satisfying yourself but she is not. It is obvious that she is hiding this from you maybe due to lack of communication. You have to talk her through this. You need to check if this is the case. Ask her what is tedious, awkward, not good enough to arouse her and what all you both can do fire up her SEX drive.

Stress, She is unhappy and SEX is not a solution
A very common with the gender equation is that of stress and happiness. Women are the ones who are grinding the domestic and professional life every day. They tend to be strong headed but are usually not very happy. They have to meet expectations and achieve things for themselves. The rise in stress and a usual feel of unhappiness tire their minds. They want no play in bed. Women want peace and sleep. They will try to hide his but as a partner you can see the change. Work it out, sort the jobs and breathe some life into the dying sex life.

He is not hygienic. He smells. He is a Mess.
Yes, you are the problem. It is a common habit that men are not habitual of hygiene. They can be a little messy. For a woman, it can be reason enough to not come close. A woman will not want to cuddle or kiss a smelly guy, make out in unhygienic set-up (mostly), and rarely will a woman will feel horny if her man is not keeping is inner wear clean. The fear of infection also encourages the habit avoiding SEX. Bath, Brush and keep it clean guys.

Abusive Past
Sometimes reasons are bigger than our problem. Her constant NO and your regular acceptance to it is not right. You need to check her past. She might have suffered physical violence, rape, sexual assaults or abuses in her past. This might be one very serious reason to not be ignored. You have to erase these memories and your touch should heal her first ad later think of SEX.

Fear of Pregnancy & Sexual Diseases         
It is difficult for men to understand this reason as what goes inside a woman’s body is not always discussed. May be she has aborted (even more than once), she dislikes contraceptive pills as they can cause side effects, she may have just escaped from being transmitted AIDS (or other such disease), she wants to get pregnant in a planned manner and sex can spoil her dreams of motherhood and much more. For men this is a very complicated area of a woman. A lot of sensitivity and maturity is required to bring out this reason with your partner.

She is out of Love and Bed
How hard it may be but the truth is, It Is Over! She is out of Love and Bed. The relation will not grow and she is heading towards a break-up. Sex is short or avoidable. You are not attractive now and probably her love interest has shifted or is off-board. You won’t find her beside you very soon. To calculate the possibility of a break-up, an open conversation is a must.

The reason for NO SEX can be more and is different with every woman. The solution is to dig out the reason of her being aloof from sensuality and excitement of SEX which earlier strengthened the bonds of your relationship.