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July , 2016

Lyoubov Tuinova

13728446_10153597138822750_1085856730_oLyoubov Tuinova is a young artist and author from Russia with tehnoetic, telematic, syncretic sense of being. It is extremely interesting how her works affect and transform the viewer, thereby creating a new audience, advancing to an absolute and unattainable horizon of avant-gardt. Lyoubov says: “The modern artist, by and large, can earn a living and to exercise their missionary task higher, not being exchanged for detail, in this global capitalist system as a social designer who is able to control not always visible social processes. ” Lyoubov Tuinova educated as graphic designer, musician (conducting, flute), journalist, researcher and master of cultural studies. In her works, it raises more than the eternal and topical questions of philosophy, psychology, economics, history, spirituality, and conceptual understanding. Among the titles of her works: audiovisual performance “Chemical Wedding”, based on the ritualistic practices of the Order “Rosicrucian / Roses on the Cross”, “The genesis of perception” – vidoeart, digital graphics, involves questions of a dominant consciousness that defines the general system of language, numbering and color gradations, “Spermanent” art studies, shot in France in 2013, on the theme of universal conditionality of capital and biopower, “Meditations and reflektions” – a series of 3D animated videos by rising as the theme of genesis and polisingulyarity shown in 2016 in the framework of the project AntiMuseum in Moscow. Lyoubov Tuinova is a visionary in many areas of art. Applicant Institute of Fine Arts at the Biennale de Paris, as an artist-researcher on the program of alternative economies in the field of art, Master of the St. Petersburg State University, the Institute of Philosophy. Her works has been exhibited in galleries but also as street art objects and postenlightenment propaganda stickers in invading style are located on the streets of many cities in the world: Brazil – Lensois, Itaunas, Hong Kong, Kathmandu, Montenegro, Scotland – Edinburgh, in Russia, on the island of Lombok, in France and in Italy. One of her first major work Hartwin ( “Twin Hearts”) – a symbol of a polysingular mathematical function, postconceptional universalization of rational and sensual, symbol for tao streams, for unity of micro and macrocosm, the symbol of the meaning. Preliminary archaic forces which are reminiscent of the Taoist practices feeling of inner cosmic flows. The artist herself says of its proximity to Eastern wisdom: “Taoist immortals for me the main authorities.” Tuinova’s thoughts in the artworks characteristic “fractal deconstruction”, she often uses as their favorite method of “art-documentation”, besides Lyoubov Tuinova – an artist who uses a new audiovisual language, creating music for videopaintings under pseudonyms, in one of her conceptual projects, we can hear the sounds of Barbie Blaster, an imaginary utopian improved the properties of the character, created especially for needful and sarcastic audience gazing at his own reflection. Now Lyoubov is working on a new artistic investigation, codenamed “Dance of Death”, where dance and death – only two conventions and a preparatory stage in the establishment of a truly human, although you never know, maybe the post or trans – human dignity.


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