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July , 2014

Valentine Moments..!

Valentine is a much awaited day for lovers as this day gives freedom to all the love birds to express their desire and love. Want to plan something unusual for your partner, but don’t know from where to start? So here are some valentine’s ideas for both him and her to show that Valentine’s Day means more than romance and gifts. It is a day of showing care, love and affection to your beloved.
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Pen down your Feelings
Your beloved wants to listen to sweet romantic things from you. If you haven’t poured our heart out till now, make sure you do it this Valentine’s Day. Do you feel shy in expressing your feelings? Why not pen down your heartfelt thoughts and hidden feelings. You can simply wrap it with your other gifts you have planned for her/him.

A day of Surprises
Plan a day full of surprises. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Start from the bed. Flatter her with red roses as soon she wakes up. A good idea will be to put it beside her pillow. Add more happiness in the moment with a surprise gift. It can be even a sexy lingerie, perfume, precious stones, chocolates, etc. As the day passes, she should be elated by the little gifts that will keep coming her way. Even a woman is thoughtful and she tries the same ways to celebrate Valentine’s day for her man.

Dress Up for him
Any man would want her woman to look special. Wear a nice LBD or lovely red dress with nice heels complimenting your silhouettes. It will make him happy and make the day very special. A little effort in making changes in your appearance will create great physical chemistry as well.

This valentine, spare some time to spend with your beloved as it is one of the most precious gifts that you can give. Nothing works like magic, but a good time spent sharing the little moments of everyday life. Take your beloved down the memory lane by talking about how you met your first date, your first fight, and your first kiss and so on…. This would also intensify the love that you share.

Cook for her
Valentine dinner should be special and nothing makes it better than her man cooking special meals. Give her a break from the boring routine and cook her favorite food. You can set up a romantic dinner environment. Like some dim lighting or candles, red roses and a bottle of wine (or champagne). Don’t forget to clean the kitchen; your woman will love the gesture.

To have or not to have sex
Though sex plays an important role in a relationship, but it is not always important. Keep a communication where you both know how the night will end. Whether you both want to cuddle or even make love, but don’t make this day just about physical intimacy. You and your partner should know that love is beyond two bodies.

Romantic Messages
It is the time of technology and make best use of it. You can send sweet messages in the form of texts and voice notes. This will definitely fill their day with happiness during the tired dull day. It will build the mood for Valentine’s day evening. Also, those who can’t be with their sweethearts on Valentine’s Day, sending a meaningful romantic text message will be the best gift of all.

So make the best of this time by making efforts in the small yet important things you can do for your partner.