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September , 2013

Gyming Tips | Dr. Som Tugnait

 Dr. Som Tugnait, one name that clicks in everyone’s mind’s.

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When talking about Indian bodybuilders that reign the Indian history.

Dr.Som, a qualified general physician, wields the stethoscope and dumb-bells with equal ease. He has bagged himself with a number of bodybuilding titles like- ‘Mr. Delhi’ in the year 1991, ‘Strongest Man of India’ for three consecutive years, i.e. 1991-2001.Interestingly he also owns Metal Gym as one of his wishful dreams. He has victory podiums across the globe and has his name written in the golden list of world’s renowned bodybuilders. Flattering as it may sound, for him, exercise is the best form of meditation.

Tête-à-Tête with Dr. Som Tugnait

To be a body builder was the first choice on your mind or did it happen accidently?
I was a cricketer to begin with but switched over to body building later.

What is your fitness regime?
I do weight trenching 6 days a week in the evening and cardio thrice a week in the morning.

Are there any workouts you’re dying to try?

What was the idea behind publishing ‘A WAY OF LIFE’?
I want everybody to stay fit and therefore I published my book with a thought to spread the idea of fitness all over.

What is your advice on the intake of supplements and steroids?
Steroids are a big no. as far as intake of supplements is concerned then it is fine as long as they are authentic.

What one thing do you never skip in your workout?
Ans.I always take care of my lower body workouts especially squats and deadlifts.

Do you think that living your best life means being fit?
Obviously yes.

Any advice for readers?
Make fitness a priority. Take care of your body and enjoy life.

Any fitness tips for readers?
Trying to stick to a routine is impossible at times. So if you have dedicated your mornings to work out and something comes up, be flexible enough to go for a walk. Instead of sticking to a routine, make up your mind that you will go to the gym, anytime during the day whenever you have a window of an hour.

Dr. Som Tugnait, the fitness expert, suggests five ways to go‘flat and fab’.

Burn it up
Doing cardio exercises for 30 minutes a day is a great way of burning belly fat. You can burn approximately 100-500 calories depending on the cardio exercise you do at your gym. This will also vary according to intensity.
Taking a walk burns 170 calories, while skipping, swimming or cycling can help you burn 270 calories in an hour.

Cycling in the air
Lie on your back on a flat surface. Move your legs as if you were cycling. This workout helps a lot in reducing your stubborn tummy. For best results, you should perform three sets of this exercise for five minutes each.

Weight it out
Using weights in your exercises at least twice a week helps in developing the stomach muscles, which prevents them from holding on to fat. However, the calories burnt during weightlifting differ from person to person depending on their metabolism rate.

Take a breather
Lie down flat on the floor and breathe in deeply through your nose until your stomach protrudes. Now exhale through your nose by squeezing the stomach in. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes as fast as possible. This will also help strengthen the stomach muscles.

Suck it in
Vacuum contractions are equally effective. Suck in your belly without holding your breath for as long as 30 seconds. According to Dr. Tugnait, you should begin with holding the abs in for 5-10 seconds and increase gradually. Do this while sitting.

Another effective way to perfect abs are crunches. Lie down on your back and pull your legs in. Put your palms behind your neck for support and try to come up to your knees. Do up to 30 reps every day for a toned tummy.

Finally, it’s essential to avoid fattening food or substitute it with low fat or fat free alternatives, such as regular milk with skimmed or low-fat ones.