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October , 2016

LASTINCH #madeforcurves

Neha Modi – M.D.

Idea Behind LASTINCH
Gender inequality has always been a concern for our society. Let’s take the case of women. If we rewind a tad and go back in time, earlier amongst various parameters for this prejudice, the prominent one was their skin tone and as the time has advanced so has the cliché list of disparity. One stereotype that tops the list today is body size and shape. Women in our society already face so many restrictions and now some of them have to compromise for a basic right like clothing as the only option provided to them is traditional wear. Western clothing seems like a luxury to so many full figured women.

“Any new idea faces its fair share of appreciation and criticism. That’s how the journey of LASTINCH started. My intention was to redefine the western wear for Indian full-figured women and see them equal with anyone else irrespective of their size and flaws, that’s where the tagline came into existence #madeforcurves. I want to provide all the curvy ladies with not just fashionable apparel but the styling ideas and confidence to carry those. For me, LASTINCH is an output of new outlook that wants to replace the archaic spectacles with new fashion lenses so that all plus size women can feel their beauty that we see in them. At LASTINCH, we aim to deliver best in styles and trends to all the full figured women across the nation, with a message that fashion is not just confined to size, rather it’s the confidence one possesses.” says Neha Modi – Promoter & Director, LASTINCH

Fashion knows no barriers and we firmly believe that fashion is for one and all. That’s how LASTINCH came into being.

LASTINCH is a Plus Size Online Western Clothing Brand for women in India. We offer sizes from UK14 to UK30 (Indian Size: M – 7XL). It initially started with basics like tops/tunics, shirts, dresses and jackets and now has expanded and introduced all new range of shrugs, gowns, joggers, trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts and bags.

There are many brands who cater to plus size then why LASTINCH?
The main reason why LASTINCH is able to set its foot strongly as it is focused only on western clothing for plus size women. Our aim is to break Plus Size Dressing Taboos and we try our best to deliver the styles that are trendy and at the same time not going out of their comfort zone. We continuously study and observe the ongoing trends not just in India but internationally so that we can provide them regularly with contemporary styles. We consider the customers feedback while developing the clothing range.

LASTINCH wants to be your confidante and satiate the fetish for the fashionable clothes that is apparent in all the curvy women. We believe that a Cinderella is present in all of you and we just add a special touch by waving our wand.

Thus we aptly say, LASTINCH – Your Ultimate Plus Size Fashion Destination.

Contact Details:
Last Inch Apparel Pvt. Ltd.
22, Siri Fort Road, New Delhi – 110049
Toll Free Number: 1800 1111 89 (10:00 AM – 6:00 PM) Sunday Closed


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