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July , 2014


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Your beauty routine/regime in 3 simple steps?
I am very particular about my night care regime and also about using sunscreen in the daytime. Also a lip balm is something I use without fail-both in the daytime and in the night also.

What is the secret behind your glowing skin?
Lots of water and frankly speaking, I think finding the perfect brand/products for our skin is very important. Very few of us are lucky enough to be born with the perfect skin as it is determined by our genetics. Moreover, our diet and skin regime is in our hands. So according to me, one should give equal importance to both your diet and your daily skin regime.

Your fashion sense? Casual, Sexy or Comfort rules?
It is a mix of all three. What I wear on a night out-almost always veers towards the sexy. Casual is what I wear on a regular basis. My only submission to the ‘comfort rule’ is that I am partial to wearing flats on a day to day basis. Even the heeled shoes that I wear are not stilettos but are more comfortable heels (if there can be such a thing as comfortable heels)….. she smiles.

What are the best 5 Clothes you recommend as a MUST-HAVE in a woman’s wardrobe?
1. I would say a white shirt or a plain white kurti is a must-it suits all kinds of Indian complexions.
2. A perfect fitting pair of blue jeans.
3. One nice pair of solitaire earrings that can be worn with Indian or Western clothes on a daily wear basis.
4. One beautiful sari that makes you feel and look absolutely gorgeous for special occasions. I truly believe on an    Indian woman there is absolutely nothing that looks sexier.
5. One signature tote-which could be as per your choice-whether it’s a Berkins, a Fendi or it could be Ferragamo  even. You just need a signature large tote in a striking color to look dressed up-whether just boarding a flight or even when just dressed in a simple shirt and jeans.

The Indian Fashion style has changed slowly but is less Indian/traditional now. How much do you agree?
I agree with that-even people of the older generation wear kaftans and kurti which are Indo-western outfits. Change is inevitable and with globalization-the world has become much smaller and it’s nice to see the impact of world fashion in India. At the same time-let’s not forget the impact Indian fashion and designers are having on world fashion. Whether it’s designers like Manish Arora who was heading the design at Paco Rabanne or whether it’s traditional Indian embroideries and silhouettes showing up on international ramps and designs-India has also had a reverse impact on world fashion as well.

High-end fashion brands have reached the doors of a simple Indian girl. What is your take on the expansion of Brand Retailing in the Fashion Industry?
I am all for it. Brands like Zara, Vero Moda and even Indian brands like AND and Chemistry have made fashion affordable and accessible to all no matter what your income or age group might be. It is wonderful to see students and young working professionals being well turned out. I was pleasantly surprised to see that internet shopping is taking fashion one step further and is popular even among age groups that one might think are not necessarily net savvy. My mother and her friends for example shop regularly online-especially for household products.

You have been working with some important names in the Fashion Industry. How your style has emerged from a New-entry to a famous STAR?
It’s definitely had an impact on me. I can truthfully say I was very casual in my approach towards fashion and beauty earlier-in fact the very first time I had my hair blow dried was when on my first ad shoot, I now put in a lot more effort in the way I present myself. While I am aware of the latest makeup techniques-I leave the experimentation in that department only for on screen. As far as clothes are concerned, I very particular about the way I dress, I do try out new fashion trends and am almost also well accessorized from top to toe.

What are some of the essential beauty products, you can’t leave home without?

One thing is a lip balm that I carry with me everywhere, second would be a face cream since skin tends to get dehydrated on flights etc and I always have a mini perfume or a body spray with me since it’s very important to me to always smell good.

Your trusted cosmetic brand?
I am very experimental with my make up-I try them all because each one of them has a specific plus point. So right from Smashbox or Faces or Chambor I have specific products from each one of them and zero in on particular products from particular brands that suit me.

Your ‘must haves’ in Vanity Box?
I am a big fan of colored mascaras and eye liners-I have mascara in unusual colors like green, blue and purple and I have eye pencils in almost all the colors possible. I draw a thin line with the eye pencil -usually in the under eye area with pop colors like lime green or bright blue for the daytime and use colors like a deep purple or darker bottle green for the nights. In fact, many times I don’t even apply eye shadow-I would rather just stick to a colored eye pencil and mascara for my eyes.

I also feel the correct blush is very essential. My must haves would be colored eye pencils and mascaras and a blush-I can manage just with that.

As a model/actress you have to deal with various looks. How you maintain a healthy skin regime?
Well, I try to go makeup free when not working. I always have a lot of fresh lime or lemon tea or coconut water if it’s available when am shooting and on sets. I always use a heavy moisturizer at nights when on an extended shooting schedule and post cleaning my make up off since professional make up always dries the skin.

Any one beauty product you recommend to Indian Skin?
Kohl is something I highly recommend-it’s suits all kinds of Indian complexions right from the dusky ones to wheatish and even fair. Apart from acting and modelling, I also write a blog which among other things covers fashion and new beauty product-so I am lucky enough to be aware of the latest beauty products and select the best out of those that suit me.

What is your favorite and the most comfortable look for a red carpet event?
I would go with a gown every time. I have a lot of gowns and I love wearing them-I feel they look elegant, classy and very international.

Do you have a signature fragrance?
It’s true that perfumes smell different on different people. I am extremely fond of Armani perfumes and feel they suit me best.

What is the importance of dieting in order to achieve a clean and clear skin?
Well, you are what you eat. I think enough water and eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables is very Important for a clear and healthy skin. Whenever I eat something spicy or oily, the effects on my skin are immediate.

How do you cope up with emerging beauty problems while travelling
This might sound a little paranoid, but I cannot afford to encounter any beauty problems while travelling for work-which is 90% of what my travel is. So whenever I buy a product that I use regularly, like a Sunscreen for example, I also pick up a small travel sized pack of it to carry along with me in my travel kit. So no matter where in the world I am, I always have my regular products with me that I know always work for my skin and hence I avoid any beauty problems.

Your beauty secrets for our dear readers.
I would say, well groomed hair and skin is the most underrated beauty secret. Always invest in a good cut/color and keep it always washed and clean. Make sure your skin is in good condition. Once these two basics are in place, just kohl and a nude colored lip gloss are all you need to look fresh and flowing on a daily basis.