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Beauty Masks for the Masculine

Male grooming in skin and hair care Looking good is not just a female prerogative. Men realize the importance of the appearance. Looking one’s best imparts self confidence, very necessary in today’s competitive career world. Moreover, there are many jobs in which the appearance counts, like public relations, media relations, front office jobs, marketing and ...

Bridal Care | Rishab Khanna

The wedding season is just around the corner here are some hair and makeup tips from me for the brides to be and the ones attending the weddings 1) Let’s say no to too much of glitter, adding strong Colors such as red and pink on the eyes and topping them up with glitter may ...

Nurture Yourself With Nature

Home Beauty Tips For A Clear Skin Nature is the best cosmetologist. She has provided such versatile ingredients that not only enhance beauty, but also have amazing curative properties. Many of these ingredients can be found right there in your own home….on the kitchen shelf, or refrigerator. Common ingredients and food items, which are found ...
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